Announcing the PAC Debit Card design contest

Announcing the PAC Debit Card design contest

PAC is excited to announce the imminent launch of PAC Debit Cards

To celebrate, one lucky designer will have their design chosen as the official artwork and earn 150,000 PAC!

We are looking for a talented graphic artist to design a debit card background using the attached design template. Due to strict manufacturer compliance guidelines, the design must adhere to the template provided. You can create any background design you wish, as long as the logo, content and chip location on the card is not altered in any way.


Figure 1.0 – PAC Debit Card template

Download template

All design entries must be submitted to [email protected] before 00:00 CST on Sunday 5th August 2018.

All submissions will be narrowed down to six designs chosen by the PAC marketing team. These final six designs will be Voted on by the community by means of a discord vote, which will be run by community managers from August 6th until August 8th 00:00 CST. The PAC team reserves the right to invalidate any entry to the design competition if any copyright or plagiarism of any kind is found. All entries must be original work by the designer with all source files supplied as proof. PAC’s decision on the winner of the competition is final.


The PACcard will be an industry leading consumer to merchant payment bridge that’s unique feature will be its ability (via our third party provider) to offer near-instant PAC > native FIAT conversions for the benefit of the retailer. Merchants new to the crypto space are not interested in signing up to exchanges, liquidating the asset and then having to wait days to transfer into their business account, Removing this step for the merchant creates an undisturbed and familiar transaction for both consumer and business owner. This means the merchant will automatically receive fiat instead of the PAC sent. This, combined with the ability to send funds instantly as well as boasting one of the lowest transaction fee’s in the space make PAC a market leader for tangible retailer adoption. Without giving too much away, the tech behind the PACcard will act as a middleman between customer and merchant. Supplying the bridge between crypto and fiat, making it an easy road for merchants to feel comfortable venturing into the crypto space and accepting PAC as a day to day currency.

Brad Marsh CMO, PAC

PAC plans to release more detailed information on the PACcard, the accompanying point of sale terminals and the way in which funds are allocated/debited from the card in the near future.

Increase your chances of winning

Submit your designs to social media using the hashtag #PACdebitcard also tagging @PACcoinOfficial and encourage your followers to support you. The PAC team will make note of any stand out performers during the competition.

We are extremely excited to be sharing the next stage in the growth of our project towards retailer adoption with you, the community. We can’t wait to see what incredible ideas you can come up with. Best of luck to everyone taking part.

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  1. I must say, Brad and $Pac team you are geniuses

    1. поддерживаю полностью

  2. A good solution for the promotion and consolidation of coins in markets in Latin America. We are waiting for the next incarnations of affairs. Thanks to the team!

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