Announcing the launch of the PAClyfe governance portal

Announcing the launch of the PAClyfe governance portal

We are happy to announce the long awaited launch of the PAClyfe governance portal


The entire PAC team is thrilled to announce that the long awaited launch of PAClyfe our main community and governance portal will go live on Wednesday 1st August at roughly 3pm CST.

You will be able to sign up and start building your PAC profile at very soon.


Living the PAClyfe

At launch PAClyfe will contain the following as a priority: Social groups and community profiles and our full governance and Proposal submission portal. Main features such as the community marketplace (ebay) and other core features will be rolled out over the coming weeks/months as we complete them.

Here is the complete launch feature list:

Users will be able to register by creating an account or by signing in with a pre-existing twitter profile if you wish to connect your PAClyfe account to other social platforms.

Once users have registered they will have a profile where they will be able to:

> Upload a profile picture
> Post text, images and video to their ‘wall’
> Send friend requests to other users
> Send private messages

This feature will allow users to join similar interest groups where they can interact with other people and participate in discussion forums. E.g. ‘PAC mining’

People will be able to chat with other users currently browsing PAClyfe, this it not intended as a replacement for Discord, or other third party messaging apps,but a complimentary section for instant discussion on what the community is talking about. You will also be able to set up:

> Group chats
> Individual chats

PAClyfe is a global communications, investor HUB and PAC brand tool and as such has more than 70 languages to allow communication between people around the world. Instantly communicate with PAClyfe members from other countries.

Governance Portal

Our PAClyfe governance portal is the main launch feature you will have 24/7, live updates on all proposals currently on the network. Gain access to a wealth of statistical data on each proposal, it’s creator, current funding levels/votes and updates.

For each proposal you can see:
> Name
> A brief summary, description and objective
> Amount of PAC requested
> Payment dates
> Current Votes (Absolute Yes with the real number of master nodes)
> Link to the proposals Info
> Get the commands to vote for your favorite proposal
> Proposal are categorized for quality of life for the user
> Filter proposals by (Dates, amount, category)
> Search proposals by name
> See information related to each proposal
> Current number of master nodes on the network
> Total no. of proposals
> Total budget remaining for that superblock
> Number of days estimated until next superblock fund gets released
> You can create your own proposal running only one command line from your PAC core wallet. You simply fill out a form with all the information of your proposal, this will generate a command that you will need to run in your wallet to generate a transaction ID.

Pasting that transaction ID will sync to PAClyfe and automatically continue the process after 6 confirmations on the blockchain. You can wait for all 6 confirmations or come back later and check the proposal feed, the back end service will make sure your proposal is added you don’t need to do any additional step.

The future of PAClyfe

We will be releasing a community feedback and feature request section on PAClyfe which will allow you to submit your ideas and additions to the platform. If they accumulate enough public interest, your ideas and features will be added to the next development and update cycle for PAClyfe which will accompany any core feature releases.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and their understanding with the delays to the PAClyfe platform.

All the best,

The PAC team

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  1. The functions that have been listed above are the features it will go live with.

    there are a lot more features that will be added in the future and everyone can submit their ideas for the platform

  2. Well done! We wait.

  3. This is good news:
    Slow at coming out, but still good,
    I wish Paclyfe all the best and hope that it gets completed with all the apps that were promised by the administration of the $Pac Coin.
    If more notice was taken by the admin to how great the Pac name is down in the southern hemisphere they might have done more to the coin and Paclyfe to get it out faster

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