$PAC is now supporting the Brynn Children’s Home, India

$PAC is now supporting the Brynn Children’s Home, India

The $PAC Charity department now extends support to Brynn Children’s Home, India


The $PAC team are happy to announce that we are now extending our charitable donation pool to the Brynn Childrens Home & Rural Development Centre.

Their website is accepting any and all donations in $PAC to help fund various initiatives for the Children and upkeep of their facilities. We would be thrilled to hear of any $PAC community members who choose to donate what they can.

Gosa Danamaiah, the founder of Brynn Children Home is a pastor who grew up from a rural background. During his time in Gooty, India he was moved by the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in the area and took a decision to start a children’s home when a girl of just 4 years old named Rama Tulasi, who lost both parents was brought to him by the local people. Slowly, over time Gosa increased the number of children he could accommodate, at present more than 18 children are now safe, fed and educated.

Brynn Childrens Home is a non-profit organization working for underprivileged children – orphans, abandoned, destitute and other vulnerable groups. BCH is actively being featured in local news stories, being published in news papers, reported on by local TV channels. BCH aims to take these children and mold them into happy, healthy and self-confident versions of themselves.

Their mission is to change the lives of such children by providing holistic long term care. BCH upholds the vision that they will continue to provide aid to the deprived and disadvantaged children of the region irrespective of religion, background or gender.

Up until now they have been running the orphanage only through the support of family, friends, church members and local supporters. As the number of children they accommodate grows so does the cost of living. Rent, food bills, energy supply has drastically increased in recent years, so they have been struggling a lot to provide the same care and needs for the children.

At present they are functioning off the back of credits and loans to provide to the needs of the children. They are in great need of support and $PAC has stepped up to provide a  means in which our global community can help. We are committed to these children and now we need your support to do provide them with the resources they need.

If you are interested in learning more about the Brynn Children’s Home then you are welcome to reach out to their founder

Gosa. Danamaiah

Brynn Children Home
15/780, Tholla shop colony,
Gooty RS(Town)
Anantapuram (district)
Andhra Pradesh
India – 515402
Email – [email protected]

[email protected]


This is their $PAC Receiving address on their website


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